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Fudge of the Month (July-September)

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We are a Girl Scout family and proud of it.  We have taken a shortbread cookie and added toasted coconut with some caramel.  All of that goodness in a silky-smooth chocolate fudge.
Fudge of the Month (July-September)

What fun it is to try new flavors of fudge!  We have come up with a Fudge of the month, July-September box.  It will contain 3 - 2.5 oz cups, two will be seasonal favorites and one will be a new flavor!

  • Blueberry Lemon Lavendar, we can't make enough of this fudge.
  • Chocolate Girl Scout Cookie Fudge, Girl Scout Day Camp happens in Bruce, WI every August!  We wait all year for camp!
  • Top Secret! This might be a hard one to figure out!