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  • One of our most popular Dairy Free fudges.  You wouldn't know the difference if you had a taste test between this fudge and our traditional peanut butter fudge.
  • We are a Girl Scout family and proud of it.  We have taken a shortbread cookie and added toasted coconut with some caramel.  All of that goodness in a silky-smooth chocolate fudge.

Just Fudge

Our love for fudge started during the most wonderful time of the year! That melt in your mouth, rich chocolate confection was always the family favorite Christmas candy. After 20+ years, a few tweaks to the recipe, and a whole lot of taste testing, we are very happy to share our family's favorite sweet treat with you!

Its all about the chocolate.

What makes our fudge the best isn't just the silky, smooth texture, its the rich, deep chocolate flavor. The quality of our white, semi-sweet, and dark chocolate is what makes Just Fudge the best.