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Dairy & Gluten Free Fudge

We did it!  We even used our original recipe, so you know this fudge is going to be amazing.  Just Fudge is finally introducing our new product line to our fudge family, Dairy & Gluten Free Fudge!  Although most of our fudge is already gluten free, the ingredients we use for the dairy just happens to be gluten free to.  Just Fudge uses the best ingredients we can locally find, just as we do with our original recipe.  Enjoy chips, Earth Balance Spread, and Coconut Milk makes this fudge a creamy treat.  It is a little heat sensitive, so keeping it in the fridge will be needed (expecially when it's warm outside).

If you cannot find a flavor you want, please call me.  I can make most of our orginal flavors of Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Fudge.  We will be adding more flavors in the future, so stay tuned!

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